Antique Engines


Most true classic car restorers are interested in rebuilding a car’s original antique engine or finding an exact, period-correct replacement.

Usually, the home restorer will “yank” the antique engine out of a car, disassemble it, take it to a machine shop for machining, then put the rebuilt antique engine back in the car and test and tune its operation. The difficulty comes in:

  • Unavailable parts
  • Manufacturers out of business
  • Parts hard to find
  • Locating a machine shop

The key to rebuilding antique engines is the ability to restore the antique engine to its original specifications. When these items are unavailable, either because manufacturers are out of business or the parts are just too difficult to find, then you must turn to other options.

It is possible for a machine shop to rebuild items to specifications for antique engines. One of the most common items is a camshaft. At Delta Camshaft we can recreate a camshaft for your antique engine.

Camshaft Manufacturer


Many times when restoring antique engines it is necessary to turn to a camshaft manufacturer. Finding parts for antiques can be difficult, this is where camshaft manufacturers come in to play.

Camshaft manufacturers can build new camshaft using several methods. These include:

  • Forging steel using a series of high pressure compressions.
  • Casting iron from molten iron.
  • Machining steel by grinding into shape.
  • Hydroforming technology using hydraulic pumps to form in a die.

A camshaft manufacturer is typically producing camshafts by forging steel, casting or machining and more recently using hydroforming technology. Camshaft manufacturers can build solid or hollow camshafts to reduce weight such as a camshaft used in BMW N52 motor.

At Delta Camshafts we are your camshaft manufacturer.

Antique Engine Parts


Finding antique engine parts can be a challenge. This is affected not only by the issues of locating parts, but also finding individuals or machine shops to assist in restoring these older antique engine parts to their original specifications.

Finding a good machine shop is key to repairing or building new antique engine parts.

  • Repair and duplication
  • Welding and brazing
  • Sheet metal shop

The key to any rebuild is finding the correct antique engine parts. This may mean having them machined from antique engine parts or have the part re-manufactured by a quality machine shop.

For a properly rebuilt antique engine parts is to have original antique engine parts, including those parts remanufactured to original specifications. We can build antique engine parts to specification at Delta Camshaft, (800) 562-5500.