Camshaft Grinding


Camshaft grinding requires continuous changes in grinding wheel, contact length time and material removal. In camshaft grinding, the the contact between the grinding wheel and the camshaft lobe changes continuously. A large equivalent diameter represents a longer arc of contact between the wheel and work material.

So, the arc of contact is large as the wheel passes over the flanks and becomes smaller as the nose and base circle are ground.

Camshaft grinding involves:

  • Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) super abrasives
  • Technologically advanced abrasives
  • Changes the camshaft shape
  • Camshaft grinding increases or decreases valve opening
  • Polishing to reduce initial friction during break-in time

The use of abrasive belts improves the cycle time of machine grinding. Although the necessary surface finish on the camshaft grinding usually provided by the belts, they are often lapped with fine-grit abrasive belts. Lapping after grinding has been found to be effective in reducing initial friction during the engine break-in period. Call Delta Camshaft for precision camshaft grinding.

Custom Camshaft Grinding


Custom camshaft grinding is cam actuated. The grinding operation itself is done by a fairly large grinding wheel. Custom camshaft grinding machines are typically equipped with a rocker ball mechanism.

This allows the work to move toward and away from the wheel with each revolution of the grinding wheel.Custom camshaft grinding is useful for:

  • Foreign applications
  • Custom applications
  • Hard to find parts
  • Obsolete applications

We can do custom camshaft grinding to meet your specifications. Whether you want low end torque or high-end power, we can meet your custom camshaft grinding needs.

Camshaft Regrinding


Maximum horsepower and other engine benefits depend upon camshaft precision. Camshaft regrinding is a method of restoring this precision when wear occurs. Camshafts control the opening, closing, lift and duration of valves.

This means precision is essential to engine power, pick-up and fuel economy. Camshaft regrinding restores horsepower and mechanical harmony, provides smoother idling, quieter valve action, proper valve timing, more vacuum and quicker acceleration. Wear on your camshaft will cause:

  • engine roughness when idling
  • excessive valve noises
  • a lack of power
  • erratic operation

It is highly recommended camshaft regrinding whenever you rebuild your engine that you replace or perform camshaft regrinding, you should also replace your lifters, because using improperly surfaced or used lifters can cause premature wear of your new camshaft regrinding. We have over 40 years of custom camshaft regrinding. For camshaft regrinding call (800) 562-5500 Delta Camshaft today!