Diesel camshaft


Diesel engines contain diesel camshafts, just as gas engines have a camshaft. A diesel camshaft on an internal combustion engine is a device that controls both the input of fuel and the expulsion of exhaust fumes. It consists of several radial cams, each displacing intake or exhaust valves. This diesel camshaft is connected to the crankshaft.

  • Belt
  • Chain
  • Gears

A diesel camshaft is a long bar with egg shaped eccentric lobes, one lobe for each valve and fuel injector. Each lobe has a follower. As the diesel camshaft is rotated, the follower is forced up and down as it follows the profile of the cam lobe.

The followers are connected to the engine’s valve and fuel injectors through various types of linkages called pushrods and rocker arms. At Delta Camshaft we can meet your diesel camshaft needs.

Diesel Cam


Depending on the type and make of the engine, the location of the diesel cam or shafts varies. The diesel camshaft*(s) in an in-line engine is usually found either in the head for the engine or in the top of the block running down one side of the cylinder bank.

These are the major components of a diesel cam..

  • Camshaft
  • Injector rocker arm
  • Exhaust valve rocker arm
  • Fuel injector

There are overhead diesel cam arrangements as on a V-type engine. On small or mid-sized V-type engines, the diesel camshaft is usually located in the block at the center of “V” between the two banks of cylinders. Typically, each bank will have one or more diesel camshafts per head. In larger or multi-cam shafted V type engines the diesel cams are usually located in the heads.

Diesel Engine Camshaft


In order for a diesel engine camshaft to operate, all of its parts must perform their functions at exact intervals in relation to the piston. To accomplish this, a component called a diesel engine camshaft is used. Major components of a diesel engine camshaft:

  • Pushrod
  • Rocker arm
  • Valve

As the valve is opened by the diesel engine camshaft, it compresses the valve spring. The energy stored in the valve spring is then used to close the valve as the diesel engine camshaft lobe rotates.

Due to heat of the rotations the valves, valve pushrods and rocker arms must have some method of allowing for the expansion. This is accomplished by the use of a valve give. Delta Camshaft can take care of your diesel engine camshaft needs, call today (800) 562-5500.