Engine Torque


Delta Cam is the expert to get in touch with if you are a vehicle owner who is interested in getting the engine torque of your ride improved. We are a business that specializes in custom camshaft grinding for vehicles and also offers performance camshafts. Improved engine torque and horsepower is one of the most common objectives for which our expert services are sought.

Our willingness to spend time on camshaft modifications or replacement is due to the many benefits from improved engine torque power, such as:

  • More relaxed driving
  • Ease in carrying heavy loads
  • Better driving off-road or in extreme conditions
  • Ease in driving up a steep incline

We can help give vehicles the high end or low-end engine torque they require for better drivability. Call us today to discuss engine torque and what you are looking to achieve and we can help you get the engine torque necessary.

Torque Power


Precision in timing of opening and closing of engine valves as well as valve lift is essential for maintaining optimal torque power, acceleration and fuel economy. Wear on the camshaft over time results in erratic engine performance and loss of engine torque power. Degradation of the cam also leads to excessive loss of torque power, valve noises and rough engine idling.

Camshaft regrinding is the torque power solution for restoring:

  • Engine horsepower and torque power
  • Proper valve timing
  • Quiet and smooth idling
  • Quick pickup
  • Overall mechanical harmony

We are happy to offer our specialized services for improving engine torque power through cam grinding to factory or performance profiles. Contact us today if your vehicle requires modification in its camshaft torque settings.



Our company is committed to ensuring complete satisfaction to all the vehicle owners who seek our expert help for improving the engine horsepower and torque of their ride. That is why we make sure to work only with top-grade, proven products and employ highly skilled, seasoned technicians for performing camshaft grinding to* increase horsepower. We are proud to be a direct warehouse distributor for camshafts for improved horsepower.

Rely on us for the best possible solution to meet your needs for better horsepower and torque, whether you want it in an:

  • Off-roader
  • Racing car; or
  • Everyday vehicle

We can also be counted upon for fair, affordable prices for the products and service we provide to increase horsepower..

Call Delta Camshafts (800) 562-5500 to learn more about how we can help improve engine horsepower for your vehicle.