OEM Camshafts


OEM camshafts stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM camshafts are designed to be factory replacements that are made to the original manufacturers’ specifications. OEM camshafts provide improved fuel mileage over worn out or damaged camshafts.

By creating optimal travel between the valve and the cylinder, OEM camshafts are designed to be the most efficient gas saver.

  • Designed for fuel efficiency
  • Build to manufacturer specs
  • Removes guess work for efficiency
  • Manufacturer approved replacement part

OEM camshafts offer the highest certainty to meet original specifications for any application. Replacing a worn camshaft with an OEM camshaft will also result in the best opportunity as a gas saver.

At Delta Camshaft we have genuine OEM replacement camshafts that will offer the highest efficiency as a gas saver.

Camshaft Rebuilding


Remanufactured camshafts are a few parts that are ‘as new’ options. Camshaft rebuilding is easy to do, and when done correctly, they work just as well. If you are considering replacing your old camshaft, you should definitely consider camshaft rebuilding.

  • Cheaper than buying new
  • Back to factory specifications
  • Improve efficiency issues

Camshaft rebuilding can repair as little as .001 of an inch of wear which can have as much as a 3-degree effect on your valve timing? If your old camshaft fails we may be able to offer you camshaft rebuilding.

The reason for the failure will determine if your old cam is a good candidate for camshaft rebuilding. At Delta Camshaft our expertise will get your camshaft rebuilding done right.

Gas Saver Camshaft


Engines running at peak performance* improves when it carries a variable compression ratio, which in turn increases with light engine loads. This creates improved gas efficiency.

In addition to a gas saver camshaft design, additional adjusts to the engine and can improve the gas mileage to be able to take full advantage of your new gas saver camshaft. A gas saver camshaft is designed to create this situation.

  • Better thermal efficiency created by gas saver camshaft
  • Gas Saver Camshaft for improved compression ratio
  • Less load on engine creates fuel efficiency
  • Proper adjustments improve fuel efficiency

If your goal for a new camshaft is fuel efficiency and increased gas mileage, then be sure and let us know that when you contact us. We can help you determine a gas saver camshaft that fits your needs. Call Delta Camshaft at (800) 562-5500 today.