Performance Camshaft


The performance camshaft is a critical component of an automotive engine performance. It is a rotating cylindrical shaft that regulates the opening/closing of engine valves. The movement of the performance* camshaft opens and closes the valves and controls the flow of fuel in/out of the engine.

Every vehicle has a certain cam lobe profile that is a combination of:

  • Valve open/close duration
  • Separation angles
  • Valve lift
  • Lobe ramp rate

This performance camshaft profile determines the engine horsepower and torque in the automobile. Your vehicle needs the right profile so the performance camshaft can extract maximum performance from the engine.

At Delta Camshafts, we offer an aftermarket performance camshaft that can be installed in vehicles for improving engine power and efficiency. A performance camshaft by altering the valve lift and timing. This means that the lobe profile of a performance camshaft is tailored for optimal utilization of the engines potential.

Performance Cam


Come to us if you are interested in replacing the factory-installed camshaft of your vehicle with a performance cam. We are a direct warehouse distributor of Competition Cams, an industry-leading performance and racing camshaft manufacturer.

When it comes to buying an aftermarket performance cam, choosing a product of good quality with a correct profile is important. Shopping with an authorized dealer of a well-known, proven brand ensures that you put your hard-earned money into the right performance cam. That is why it makes sense to come to us for your performance or drag racing camshaft.

Meanwhile, selection of your performance cam should be done considering not just the engine specs but also other relevant details that include:

  • Type and weight of vehicle
  • Transmission
  • Fuel induction system

You can count on our knowledgeable and friendly technicians for sound advice that helps you pick the perfect performance cam for your vehicle.

Racing Camshaft


With an extensive line of products from COMP Cams, we are confident of catering successfully to every demand for a performance or racing camshaft. Check out our drag racing cam selection today.

We are committed to protecting your best interests and fetching you maximum driving pleasure from your vehicle. When shopping with us for a racing camshaft, you can be rest assured about making a rewarding investment. We provide you with a performance cam that is:

  • Sturdy and efficient
  • Highly effective
  • Long-lasting

Planning on enhancing engine power in your vehicle with a performance cam? Looking to buy a top-grade racing camshaft? Call Delta Camshaft at (800) 562-5500.