Racing Camshaft


In a racing camshaft the key parts are the lobes. As the racing camshaft spins, the lobes open and close the intake and exhaust valves. There is a direct relationship between the shape of the racing camshaft lobes and the way the engine performs in different speed ranges.

These are the most important components affected by a racing camshaft:

  • Valve lift
  • Cylinder
  • Piston

So how does a racing camshaft work in terms of engine performance? The racing camshaft leaves the intake valve open a little longer, the momentum of the fast-moving air/fuel continues to force air/fuel into the cylinder.

So the faster the engine goes, the faster the air/fuel moves, and the longer we want the intake valve to stay open. At Delta Camshaft we understand that the way racing camshafts work and may have impact on an engine's performance at different speeds.

Performance Camshaft


From a mild lobe pattern to highly aggressive profiles, we’ve got a broad range of performance camshaft styles and grinds to meet your performance camshaft demands.

Give your classic muscle car that throaty, high performance camshaft idle or hold on for high-lift, high-rpm race performance camshaft. We’ve got cams for:

  • street
  • strip
  • race
  • truck

There is something irresistibly attractive about performance camshafts in powerful and fast cars. People are seldom satisfied with the original engine torque power of their automobile. They are always on the look-out for options for optimizing by adding engine performance camshaft, efficiency, horsepower and torque.

Racing Cam


The two important aspects of a racing cam are racin cam duration, and valve lift. Both racing cam duration and valve lift are determined by the racing cam lobe. Racing cam duration is the time that at least one valve of a cylinder remains open.

  • improved valve lift
  • larger valve intake
  • intake head diamater

Racing cams have an increased duration with an increased power band rev range. To make effective use of a racing cam, you need to ensure that the engine has a very rev range.

You also need to ensure that the engine can rev beyond the red line of most stock engines. Call Delta Camshaft for racing cams today (800) 562-5500.